The washi tape on the bottom of this piece refers to Chopin's Authenticity of One in G flat major, but I'm using the title to refer to a conversation we had at my last workshop where I did this piece as a demo. The conversation was about workshop participants and the work they create in that workshop- whether it is theirs or not. My philosophy in teaching is about showing and explaining new techniques and helping people foster their own voice with what they've learned. Classes where the students copy their teacher's work may have its place, but not with me.  I want to shake loose new ideas from people's minds but in their style and their own time frame.  I think I do that. I want you to create your own work, to show, share and sell. I love getting emails from you showing me your latest creations! Keep the authenticity coming!

Authenticity  , 12" x 12"

Authenticity, 12" x 12"