Day 14 and 15: Double Dose

Missed the blog yesterday so I'm making it up with a double dose today. Fabulous Sunday started with nothing to do but putzing around in the studio drawing and painting with my best friend. What a gift! So grateful.

Heather Earnest now has her own website! Check it out! heatherearnest.com  More paintings to come!!

Nancy. the cactus is my favorite piece of yours since we started this! Nice!

Pat Weaver is teaching Portrait and Figure in Watercolors this weekend at her studio in Dade City and doing fantastic work! Check out her site HERE.

Day 13: Daily Blogging

Painting on drawing on paper on pressed tin on collage on wood panel. Got that? haha. And 2 of them!  The daily painting has proved itself easier than the daily blogging, frankly. Paint, photograph, gather artists' emails. create witty banter. Repeat. Heather, Nancy, Lynn, Pat and I are having fun with this though! Join me-- you past members of my workshops. Do a daily painting and send it to me! Or a weekly one. You know me and rules...very loose. Just be surprised by the daily blog. 

Heather Earnest's,   Pep Pep  , 6" x 6"  ( We miss this little girl!)

Heather Earnest's, Pep Pep, 6" x 6"  ( We miss this little girl!)

I love Heather's Fauvist style of acrylics. So talented!!

Art More Place- Day 2

Love love love the Art More Place! Thank you Sherri for such a fun weekend! I am so proud of you ladies and the work you created. I am completely impressed with the sistas (!!!) for diving into the deep end of the art swimming pool and doing your first collages, drawings and paintings in one weekend. Liz, you get the award of AWESOME for student becoming teacher! Donna, Joann, Connie, Ruth Ann, Kathryn, Helen, Mary, Anne, Liz and Sherri--- thank you for pushing yourself and surrendering to the process. All of you made great work. Looking forward to drawing with you all again!


Have Panels. Will Travel. Part 1

All of you fabulous workshop students already know the joys of packing it all up and shlepping your stuff to a new venue to work.  Today I had the privilege and joy of doing just that-- sans workshop! I got to paint in Sandy's fantastic studio (jeeeeaaalooouuusss) over looking the water with fabulous women that I just adore! Advice for the day; if you are feeling stuck or uninspired, especially if you normally work alone, paint with friends! We all know and love the energy of a workshop or class with cool people, so create your own! Thank you Heather for making it happen and Sandy for being the gracious host. And Judy, so great to paint and hang out with you too. Next one is at my house. All I can offer right now is pool side on the ping pong table.  Haha But a new studio is in the works!

I'm continuing to travel this weekend with the perfect formula: supplies, intention, inspiration, a deadline and the best traveling companion. Stay tuned to see what happens. :D