My New Children's Book in Live on Amazon!

I am so excited to announce that my first children’s book is now for sale!

If You Could Tell Time, What Would you Tell It?

Click on photo to order

Click on photo to order

If You Could Tell Time, What Would You Tell It? is a small and beautiful book for parents to read with their children. Christine Peloquin, accomplished figurative artist, has used her artistic skills and her experience as a mother to create impressive visuals and clever questions that help parents and their kids examine the concepts of time. Christine was inspired by Eckhart Tolle and her experiences in practicing mindfulness and conscious parenting. Using her two boys and her niece as models, Christine paints and challenges the notions of time we all take for granted. You can see more of her art work and writings on christinepeloquin.com

Meant for parents and grandparents to read with their children ages 4-8. $9.95

Love Teaching at McRae!

McRae Art Studios is such a great place to host workshops, especially with my new studio there in the heart of it. And what a fabulous group of women! Thank you for sharing all your great energy!

The public can come check out McRae at our next opening;

McRae Art Studios Spring Open House

Saturday, May 19, 2018
6 to 9 pm

Teachers! The studios are available for rent for workshops. See all the details  on mcraeartstudios.com.

Want to play and make art this weekend?

I am setting up for my workshop at McRae Art Studios and I still have space for a few more people who want to make art! It's not too late to sign up- come play!!

  Drawing and Painting on Mixed Media Collage 2 Day Workshop at McRae Art Studios, Orlando, FL

April 14-15, 2018, Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 5 pm

$195 Click here to register


Drawing and Painting with Mixed Media Collage

Learn the joys of mixed media collage.  In the workshop, I teach the fundamentals of collage, drawing and painting. I will address working with papers, fabrics, found objects, past art work, pencil and charcoal drawing, and acrylic painting.  The materials used will be the choice of each student, but students are encouraged to incorporate some of their own prior art work into new pieces. The objective of the workshop is to explore new mixed media techniques and excavate each student’s authentic voice in their art.

I teach 2 drawing methods using the student's own photos. I teach how to graph a photo for any size free hand drawing and also a tracing method that works well for small pieces and individuals who are intimidated or new to drawing. We learn the fundamentals of collage on the first day and then spend the second day drawing and painting over those collages. I do drawing demonstrations on the first day so that you know what to expect and what kind of photo reference to bring. I work individually with each person trying to get their projects to a place that they love.

I encourage everyone to incorporate mixed media collage into what they already do! I will work with each of you on whatever style project you would like to work on whether it is faces, figures, landscapes, still lives or abstracts. There are no set rules in my workshops. I try to create a fun time that introduces new techniques and a comfortable learning environment to enhance where you already are. All levels are welcomed!

NEW LOVE- Hosting workshops at McRae

I had a fantastic time with 7 fabulous ladies this past weekend at McRae Art Studios. Our relatively new studio is huge and beautiful and perfect for teaching. I can't wait to host another one here! Here are some photos of the fun. Thank you ladies for a fun weekend!!!

Island Art Workshop

Loved teaching at the Island Art Association this past weekend in Fernandina Beach! I was super proud of you ladies and all the creations that were made and started. I was so excited during the critique that I totally didn't take enough photos! Here's a few that I got. I can't wait to come back next fall/winter and do another workshop. Love this town, this art center and the energy of you fabulous ladies! Send me photos of your other pieces when they are finished.

Mixed Media 2 Day Workshop at 6th Avenue Art Studios, Mount Dora FL

Come join us this weekend for an intimate and super fun experience doing collage, drawing and painting at my studio. I love working in this new space and I'm opening it up and sharing my secrets! I am going to demo doing a large piece too. Come play!

Drawing and Painting with Mixed Media Collage 2 Day Workshop at 6th Avenue Art Studios, Mount Dora FL

January 21-22, 2017, Saturday and Sunday, 9 am to 4 pm 

$185 Click here to register