Florida Watercolor Convention Demo Preview

I will be giving a free demo tomorrow from 11:50 to 12:50 pm on Transparent Painting over 2D Mixed Media.

Its being held at the Double Tree Hilton Orlando at Sea World.

Here is my preview! Come see me paint!


Demo: Transparent Painting Over 2D Mixed Media at the Florida Watercolor Convention, Orlando, FL

September 20, 2019 11:50 am Free with convention ticket

4 Paintings A Week

Our Daily Painting group is at it again! Heather Earnest, Pat Weaver, Nancy Johnson and Lynn Ashford and myself have committed to the challenge. To encourage bigger works, we have redefined our goals and decided on 4 paintings a week and a blog about it on Thursdays. My first week at it resulted in only 3 pieces but they are huge and I love them!! Here's what each of us did.

Christine Peloquin;  acrylics, charcoal, fabric and paper collage on wood panel

Heather Earnest; watercolor

Pat Weaver; watercolor

Nancy Johnson; watercolor

Lynn Ashford; watercolor and acrylics

Day 14 and 15: Double Dose

Missed the blog yesterday so I'm making it up with a double dose today. Fabulous Sunday started with nothing to do but putzing around in the studio drawing and painting with my best friend. What a gift! So grateful.

Heather Earnest now has her own website! Check it out!  More paintings to come!!

Nancy. the cactus is my favorite piece of yours since we started this! Nice!

Pat Weaver is teaching Portrait and Figure in Watercolors this weekend at her studio in Dade City and doing fantastic work! Check out her site HERE.

Day 13: Daily Blogging

Painting on drawing on paper on pressed tin on collage on wood panel. Got that? haha. And 2 of them!  The daily painting has proved itself easier than the daily blogging, frankly. Paint, photograph, gather artists' emails. create witty banter. Repeat. Heather, Nancy, Lynn, Pat and I are having fun with this though! Join me-- you past members of my workshops. Do a daily painting and send it to me! Or a weekly one. You know me and rules...very loose. Just be surprised by the daily blog. 

Heather Earnest's,   Pep Pep  , 6" x 6"  ( We miss this little girl!)

Heather Earnest's, Pep Pep, 6" x 6"  ( We miss this little girl!)

I love Heather's Fauvist style of acrylics. So talented!!

Day 10: Choose

Day after Labor Day and back to, work and painting! That's right. Making the time. I used to say "there's not enough time in the day", but then I realized that we all have exactly the same moments. We can choose how we use them. I recommend painting or drawing or cooking or sewing for 30 minutes rather than watching mindless tv for example. Be the change you want to see in the world. And I want to see a creative one.

Today, I painted my Mom with her doll carriage. Love you Mom! Pat Weaver was rocking it again with "fast and loose" watercolors. Love that free-ness! Nancy Johnson's work got beautifully esoteric being inspired by the book Paint Yourself Calm. Heather Earnest was inspired by the puppy on the loose since all she wanted to do was high tail it out of her job today! lol. And all our thoughts and prayers are with you Lynn Ashford...good luck tomorrow and speedy healing from your Daily Painting friends!!

Day 9: Labor Day at the Beach!

Happy Labor Day! Since this Daily Painting experience is play not work, we were diligently on it! I paid homage to the day by painting the beautiful Ponce Inlet, where we had fun with the kids and the puppies today. This is what I imaged it looked like without the chaos of 3 goldendoodle puppies. Heather symbolically paid respects to having Labor Day off by painting her tools! Lynn and Nancy sent me their photo from the studio and I love it!! 

Heather Earnest's Labor Day

Heather Earnest's Labor Day

Day 3 Daily Painting: Miniatures in Acrylics

Get the glasses and 2 haired brushes out! Another OMG what were we thinking moment.

They are small

New Summer Workshop just added!

Summer fun in Melbourne! 

Come join us at the creative Art More Place for 2 days of collaging, drawing and painting. Check out this cool space!!



Drawing and Painting on Mixed Media Collage with Christine Peloquin 2 Day Workshop at Art More Place in Melbourne, FL

August 6-7, 2016  Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm

$195 before July 23rd. $225 after July 23rd.

Please contact Art More Place or the event on facebook for registration.