Inspired with Watercolor

I have totally fallen in love with watercolor artist Ali Cavanaugh’s work. Check out her new book; Modern Fresco Paintings. They are the juiciest paintings of her kids and their friends. Love love love. So I have done mine! The Team Mate and Backyard Solo. Let’s see if I can get in Florida Watercolor with these? To be continued….

4 Paintings A Week

Our Daily Painting group is at it again! Heather Earnest, Pat Weaver, Nancy Johnson and Lynn Ashford and myself have committed to the challenge. To encourage bigger works, we have redefined our goals and decided on 4 paintings a week and a blog about it on Thursdays. My first week at it resulted in only 3 pieces but they are huge and I love them!! Here's what each of us did.

Christine Peloquin;  acrylics, charcoal, fabric and paper collage on wood panel

Heather Earnest; watercolor

Pat Weaver; watercolor

Nancy Johnson; watercolor

Lynn Ashford; watercolor and acrylics

Florida Watercolor Society

I have had the huge honor of being asked to do a demo at the Florida Watercolor Society 45th Annual Convention in September. (wahoo!) I figure it is my duty to attempt a watercolor piece and to enter into the show to go along with my acrylic (done in an aqueous manner.) My challenger insisted! Well I love a challenge and I just love how this piece came out!! Here is The Inspector done in stages. I'll let you know if I get in! 

15" x 22", watercolor, casein and graphite aquarelle on 140# arches paper

Using Acrylics in an Aqueous Manner

Yeah. You people know who you are! I have been challenged to get a piece into the Florida Watercolor Society Show. So here's my new piece per instructions. "Using acrylics in an aqueous manner...". Nothing ventured. Nothing gained. Butter Me Up.

Butter Me Up, 21" x 15", graphite aquarelle pencils and acrylics in an aqueous manner on 140# arches paper

Butter Me Up, 21" x 15", first layers; graphite aquarelle pencils on 140# arches paper

So Brave

There is nothing,


so brave

as to allow yourself



when we are stripped


of all the armor

we thought we needed

to carry,

how high we

can finally



-Tyler Knott Gregson-

48" x 48"  Acrylics, charcoal, fabric and paper collage on wood panel

48" x 48"

Acrylics, charcoal, fabric and paper collage on wood panel