Private Art Instruction: The Art of Seeing

There is nothing like drawing to remind us that obstacles are always found in the mind. My favorite aspect of teaching is when I can help another person change their perspective and SEE things in a whole new way. Inevitably, it makes them better and at drawing and both of us, better artists. I offer private classes to develop that art of seeing.

The classes are individually designed to either be like the workshops that I teach, or to be sessions that work on a personal set of goals, such as finishing a certain project, enhancing drawing and painting skills, or further developing your artistic style. I treat art coaching like life coaching and we work on a variety of skills needed to succeed and thrive as an artist. Private art classes are $50 per hour with a 2 hour minimum for the first session.  

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My studio is at 6th Avenue Art Studios, 133 West 6th Ave in Mount Dora.