Good Fortune Be With You

Good Fortune Be With You is a continuation on the theme of Raising the World. Both of these pieces are being considered for placement at the South Lake Hospital in Clermont, Florida and I wanted to include inspirational words and ideas to inspire the patients, their families and the staff that help these people. I want these two pieces to be about healing.
Once again, I am using phrases in the work to complement the contemplative nature of the piece. The words on it are small, giving the person in front of the painting a visual experience both near and far from the piece. Since the painting is 5’ x 4’ and my camera can not catch these words clearly, I am using this format (for you web viewers) to dictate the words. Small cards and scraps read;
“Good Fortune Be With You”
“How Foolish I was to travel without”
“X Gratitude
X Joy
X Love”
“Laugh everyday with Joy”
“Live everyday with Curiosity”
“Love everyday with Passion”
“Be everything you dream to be”
“Make the most of your life”
“Dance like no one is watching”
Good Fortune Be With You is 5’ x 4’ charcoal, acrylic, fabric and paper collage on 4 wood panels.