Raising the World

I wish I could write as comfortably as I can draw. Since I believe that practice is what makes you better I continue to blog about my work and have started using more words in the paintings. I borrow and edit quotes, phrases and lyrics from words that inspire me. I can only express my gratitude to these authors by saying that I stand on the shoulders of giants.
My new painting Raising the World has these phrases collaged onto them;
“The most beautiful action in the world is to love- Bertha Von Suttner”, “Remind Me of what I Love” and a Baking Powder Ad that reads, “Best on Earth-A Gift with Each Can-Miles Baking Powder-Raising the World.” I just love the ad with the can raising the Earth. Using these words gave me a moment of clarity. Love and art are the baking powder of our world! You could say that our basic needs, food, shelter, safety, security, constitute the main ingredients in our lives. Art and self actualization and above all else, LOVE, help us ‘rise’ to the occasion of our best lives and become more of ourselves.
Raising the World is 5’ x 4’ charcoal, acrylic, fabric and paper collage on 4 wood panels.