I was recently interviewed by Doctoral Candidate, Dowell Bethea from University of Central Florida for her dissertation titled PERSPECTIVES ON CREATIVITY: THEORIA, PRAXIS, AND POIESIS.  She included some of my words about creativity in her paper and I wanted to share them.  


Christine Peloquin, visual artist

I have found that the ritual of the creative process can be very specific and is extremely important to well established artists. In fact, I believe that the sooner an artist develops their own rituals, the sooner they will meet with their own defined success. My rituals surround creating a sacred place and a mind of peace in my studio. My studio is filled with all my personal trinkets from my childhood and travels and the walls are covered in photos and art that inspire me. Weather permitting, I open all the doors and windows to bring the Florida sunshine inside. I usually need the place picked up a bit, then I play music, light candles and incense. I usually collage for days at a time, then draw and paint on the collages on other days. It all depends on my mood.

Many times, I engage my creativity by perusing through art books or Pinterest. Looking at others’ work and creativity can instantly get the energy flowing. I know that I need to honor not just the setting up of my studio space, but the setting up of my creative energies before I can expect any really good ideas to start flowing. I honor the fact that this can sometimes take more time than I wish! And that sometimes, it doesn't happen at all! I've learned not to berate myself for this, but to honor the blockage by taking myself out on an artist date... straight out of the fabulous book, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. Reading that book and taking it as a class in my 20s completely changed me and made my creative process what it is today.

Artist dates are any venture from your normal routine that wakes up the curiosity and joy in you. Visits to museums or flea markets... farmers markets or picking flowers in a meadow. If you were dating your inner artist, where would you take her? It’s about treating yourself!

So in this busy holiday season, take some time to take your artist out on a date. Treat yourself! Happy Holidays.