The Plan

I am declaring Mommy Mental Health Morning and officially taking the morning off. I devised this plan at 5:30 am when I realized my brain was swimming in needless debates about everything insignificant detail of my life as a mother. Why this running mental commentary on what to bring for snack for baseball? Because I clearly need the morning off. The plan is to deliver the kids safely to the school system that I so trust and depend on and to return home to maternal anarchy. I will get a second cup of coffee, a good book and carefully navigate my way through the mine field of tinkertoys, dinosaurs, and green army men strewn across the floor to the couch. There I will move the angry birds, legos, and green army men to one side and find a corner for myself.... barricading myself with pillows if need be. I want to read and maybe play in the studio after that in ways that my inner task-maker would consider unproductive. And I plan on enjoying it.

To Do List