Inspirational Story

I just read this in an Eckhart Tolle newsletter and had to share it! This is for all the parents and teachers out there. Enjoy.

Inspirational Story 

It is the little things that are really the big things. 

This year I have been teaching kindergarten students.(5 & 6 yrs ) We start off each morning with a visualization so that we can find the still place that is inside ourselves. When we find that place we can get rid of all the silly stuff that has come in from the playground etc and make room for all the great learning to find its place and settle into our minds.

Throughout the day I ring my special 'peace bell' and we have a minute of peace. Usually this is when the class is off task and getting out of sorts. It also gives me a chance to stop still and gather myself rather than losing my patience. Id rather that than feeling ugly, anger is an ugly thing in the classroom.

When we have our minute of peace, I say 'freeze and breathe'. For a minute we breath in and out slowly. At the end i ask them to cup there ears ''Can you hear that? Can you feel that?' I ask them. 'Its beautiful isn't it?' I say. The children agree. Then the best part, I love to remind them, 'that's who you really are, beautiful, still, calm and full of love and happiness. You know you can go there anytime, anyplace'.

Perhaps it sounds a bit ideal. They go on to make a racket again in a short time. But my learning is to accept that too as a teacher.

After a year of Mondays only on this class it is lovely to see that children are starting to stop and breathe on their own now, when they come to floor for lessons, standing in line etc and they say 'look at me I'm taking my breaths'.

Imagine everyday having this in kindy and right through their schooling , wouldn't the world be a calmer, more relaxed place to be?


Julie Pappas