I recently had the privilege of doing a commission for an extremely awesome daughter from down under. Sarah from Australia wanted me to do a painting of her Mom, who lives in England, for her 70th birthday. Her Mom, who's name is Christine, is a world traveller and has lived in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Norway, Scotland, England, London and Cornwall. She travelled with her 3 children when they were young too. Sarah sent me a bunch of photos of their adventures and told me about how Greece was one of her Mom's favorite places. Christine also used to own a fabric gallery in England. The serendipity! I love it! 

So we chose this photo because of her great expression and contentment. I am so happy with the way it came out! 

Christine, did you know then the years of adventures to come? You're an inspirational Mom in my book and you definitely raised a thoughtful daughter. I wish you a very very HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY! Enjoy!