Will. See Shall

I found this title among the dictionary pages of this collage. The words struck me as philosophically poignant. I knew the definition was referring to the use of will vs shall when describing the future tense of the verb. But the other meanings of will and shall got me thinking about striving vs surrender.  If being an artist has taught me anything, it has taught me that both determination and resolution are necessary for success. If my yoga practice has taught me anything,  it has showed me that effort and letting go are both necessary for balance.  And if life has taught me anything, it is that experience and introspection are both required for tranquility. 

Will. See Shall.  30" x 30"

Will. See Shall.  30" x 30"



30x30x30 Challenge: Days 19 thru 23

5 Days of work equals 5 new pieces! 2 figures, 1 face and 2 landscapes. I was playing around with painting and drawing on photo transfers and with painting and drawing on a fabric print of a past painting...just for fun. I really like how the messed up photo transfer with paint became the piece called the Beach. The Three Sisters goes out as homage to my Mom and my 2 Aunts to honor the beautiful little girls that they were! Click on each image to learn more about what went into them. is having a 30for30equals30 Challenge. And I'm doing it! Join me and post your work. I want to see it! #30for30equals30 Have fun and show me what you make! Post it on my facebook page. See blog posts Day 1 and 2 for the details about the challenge! Happy creating!

What does perfect health mean to you?

Perfect Health to me means being aware of how I treat and honor my body everyday. It means paying attention to what goes in and what energy goes out. It means questioning my thoughts and taking time to honor my spirit with stillness. Complete homage to my mind, body and soul.


I am doing the 21 Day Meditation Challenge with Oprah and Deepak. Come join the group!

Abundance  ,  31" x 42"

Abundance,  31" x 42"