I can't wait for the Sept/Oct Somerset Studio issue because I am going to have a 10 page spread in it with an article by Rice Freeman-Zachary. So yesterday when I was checking out the July/Aug issue, I was blown away to see my article in it! Back in April I sent a blog post called How Long Does It Take? into Somerset Studio and never heard back from them. I had no idea they had even planned to publish it! I am so excited! My words are published now too!

Queen for a Day: Linda Sacha

Check out my friend's fantastic handbook for reflection and renewal; Queen for a Day – Recapturing Your Happiness One Birthday at a Time.  Linda Sacha is a LIfe Support Coach, Author, Professional Speaker, Artist and Woman Extraordinaire! Give yourself the gift of this treasure and share it with a friend. HInt: It makes a great birthday gift. Thank you Linda for your energy and wisdom!

Women wear so many hats, why not make one of them a crown?