Day 13: Daily Blogging

Painting on drawing on paper on pressed tin on collage on wood panel. Got that? haha. And 2 of them!  The daily painting has proved itself easier than the daily blogging, frankly. Paint, photograph, gather artists' emails. create witty banter. Repeat. Heather, Nancy, Lynn, Pat and I are having fun with this though! Join me-- you past members of my workshops. Do a daily painting and send it to me! Or a weekly one. You know me and rules...very loose. Just be surprised by the daily blog. 

Heather Earnest's,   Pep Pep  , 6" x 6"  ( We miss this little girl!)

Heather Earnest's, Pep Pep, 6" x 6"  ( We miss this little girl!)

I love Heather's Fauvist style of acrylics. So talented!!