Day 10: Choose

Day after Labor Day and back to, work and painting! That's right. Making the time. I used to say "there's not enough time in the day", but then I realized that we all have exactly the same moments. We can choose how we use them. I recommend painting or drawing or cooking or sewing for 30 minutes rather than watching mindless tv for example. Be the change you want to see in the world. And I want to see a creative one.

Today, I painted my Mom with her doll carriage. Love you Mom! Pat Weaver was rocking it again with "fast and loose" watercolors. Love that free-ness! Nancy Johnson's work got beautifully esoteric being inspired by the book Paint Yourself Calm. Heather Earnest was inspired by the puppy on the loose since all she wanted to do was high tail it out of her job today! lol. And all our thoughts and prayers are with you Lynn Ashford...good luck tomorrow and speedy healing from your Daily Painting friends!!