Slow Love

"I begin to understand how nothing to do is its own state of grace, difficult to find deliberately, nearly impossible to recognize. Nothing to do means I can sit and look and let my mind wander, then empty, then fill again, with wonder or with grief, with anything or with nothing at all. 'Nothing to do' is not the same as 'Nothing can be done.' One is hopeless; the other, the place from which hope becomes possible." 

--Dominique Browning

Just finished reading this fabulous book by Dominique Browning. I highly recommend this one!! Here's another great quote:

"What's the point, he wants to know of working so hard and for so long only to see your career smashed? I try to phrase my answer in a way that makes sense to him: the pleasure is in the doing--- and suddenly I realize, amazingly, that finally I believe that too. So what if it ends? The adventure was WONDERFUL."