What You See Depends On What You’re Looking For

I’ve been told again recently that in essence ‘real’ art work should not need words. Even though I don’t believe that for a second, I do believe that’s a thought worth exploring. Why would someone say that? What preconceived ideas about art have created this definition in their mind? What is this person looking for?

With a true rebellious spirit, I decided that day that I must paint a quote. I found this quote and immediately loved the truth that rang through it. I googled it to give tribute to the brilliant author’s insight and I discovered that is credited to anonymous. So thank you anonymous!

I find it so interesting how the human mind bounces between the glass half full and half empty. Of course Lennon was brilliant in telling us that there’s “nothing you can see that isn’t shown”, that all is there for us to truly understand if we pay attention long enough. But when you practice awareness, you also realize that what you believe really dictates what your reality is. If you believe there is abundance, you are right. If you believe there is scarcity, you are also right.  So why not question that belief? Byron Katie says that if you have a stressful thought, then that is your cue to question it.

So I paint this as a reminder, watch your thoughts. And you will see amazing things happen.