What a great word, dwell. Emily Dickinson wrote "I dwell in possibility." This is the mantra of an artist. The belief that if you can remain aware, any emotions, good or bad, can be channeled through a person and molded into an image, a song or a sentence that inspires. I had a roller coaster ride of emotions this week and I am so grateful to have been able to focus it and and release it onto these 4 panels of wood. I've said it a hundred times, "Any day in the studio is a great day". This is my therapy. This is for me. Esther Hicks-Abraham says that when we talk about creators, we are talking about the creating of your state of being. I hope to always linger in the idea that art in all its forms has the potential to fill me, to heal me, and to save me. I dwell in that possibility. Dwell